Your Car - Our Driver

Safe, Affordable, Convenient, Worry-Free Night out with Family & Friends.

Sober Chauffeur USA is a professional personal driver service covering Western New York offering licensed and insured chauffeurs to safely transport you and your guests in the comfort and convenience of your own vehicle. We offer flexibility and peace of mind at a fraction of the price of a limousine service. The costs are also less expensive than multiple taxi trips, and the courtesy and immediate availability of our chauffeur cannot be matched. No prepaid memberships required. Enjoy door-to-door service in your waiting vehicle. Don’t worry about traffic, parking problems or how much anyone has had to drink.

You already own the vehicle - all you need is the driver.  Our chauffeurs are comfortable in all types of vehicles.  Our focus is on you and your friends.

Night clubs, special events, sporting events, wedding, medical appointment, meetings, or any need for an extra driver - call Sober Chauffeur USA or request a chauffeur directly on our reservations page.